Email mailing is an irreplaceable marketing tool, which is the automatic sending of letters of advertising and information content to a specific group of target customers.

This method allows you to build trust with users, increase the popularity of your own brand, significantly optimize communication and improve sales.

Email newsletter service is an essential component of a promising program for the development of online commerce and services. The IMOOX smart module allows you to monitor the effectiveness of this process by tracking the percentage of click-through rates, unsubscriptions, sales conversion rates and other key indicators.

Bulk email from the site will increase the authority of the business, optimize the number of targeted clicks, increase sales, and provide customers with an unobtrusive promotion of a service or product. As a result, user loyalty to the brand will be formed, which will invariably lead to the success of the enterprise.

Why you should order an email newsletter

Unobtrusive advertising

Versatility and benefits

Email newsletter service gives you the right to take advantage of the opportunity to create effective, spectacular advertising, for which you will not have to pay unreasonably expensive.

Formation of target audience

Purposefulness and convenience

Bulk sending of emails allows you to adjust the client base: due to the targeted sending of messages, only interested users will visit the web resource.

Brand popularity

Recognition and loyalty

Mass mailing from the site will make the company in demand in the shortest possible time, increase the degree of consumer confidence in the business and increase the relevance of the offer.

Profit multiplication

Effectiveness and benefit

Bulk sending emails will lead to more traffic to the site, where some of the clicks will turn into purchasing a product or service, which means they will contribute to an increase in the owner's income.

Extensive coverage

Relevance and effectiveness

It is estimated that email has three times as many accounts as popular social networks, which is why email marketing provides huge audience reach.

Reliable communication channel

Informativeness and persuasiveness

An email address is more stable and durable than an account based on a social network, it adjusts to the business context of communication, so useful information is perceived more organically.

How email newsletters can help your business


Boosting sales

Bulk email distribution helps to increase website traffic, motivating users to participate in profitable promotions or make a successful purchase.

Optimization of the customer base

Email newsletter automatically filters out customers who are not interested in a particular business product, while attracting new, active users.

Performance monitoring

The email newsletter service has a built-in ranking function and an arsenal of useful filters that analyze the actions and reactions of users, which allows you to adjust the further vector of business development.

Why is it worth ordering an email newsletter from us?

The IMOOX company creates a high-quality and demanded product, based on considerable experience. What does cooperation with our company give?

  • Excellent result. An individual approach to each situation and the search for non-trivial ways to solve the problem allow our specialists to create exclusive and useful web products.
  • Deadlines. Professionalism is inseparable from decency, so we do our job not only perfectly well, but also on time - this is evidenced by the feedback from grateful users.
  • Responsible attitude. There are no trifles in the development and integration of IT products - the IMOOX masters are always attentive to the details of the process and are sensitive to the wishes of the client.
  • Return on investment. It has been statistically proven that investments in email newsletters and other web products from IMOOX pay off as quickly as possible, bring the client's company fame and multiply the level of its income.







How much does bulk email cost?

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Frequently asked Questions

Undoubtedly, moreover, it is much more convenient and faster to implement the process in this way. For this purpose, you must first export the communication database from the site in a valid format (xlsx, txt, etc.). Next, on the desktop, you need to activate the address book tab and import contacts from the specified source (this can be a file saved on a PC, a link to a website or clipboard content). After downloading, the system will provide a report on the successful or partial integration of positions, indicate possible errors, and record downloaded contacts.
Of course it is possible. You should use the API of your account in the system. This index provides an opportunity to work with a database of contacts and easily embed it into any required platform, be it a web resource, a network market or software software. Also, using API protocols and special scripts, you can correct the list of contacts in the phone book, group and sort them if necessary. API access is ideal for high-quality analytics and sites with a large number of users.
Because such a pricing policy is much more honest to the client than offered by our competitors. Let us explain: unlimited sending of letters is actually a way to nowhere (in other words, to the 'Spam' folder). That is, it is a payment for a potential, but unattainable opportunity of unlimited email distribution. IMOOX specialists analyzed the acceptable frequency of shipments and settled on the optimal amount twice a week. That is, our tariff plan is real and profitable, because, according to it, customers pay for the actually used, and not a hypothetical service.

How to contact us

To order an email newsletter, write, call or fill out the feedback form. Be sure to visit the IMOOX pages on social networks - there we talk about our work and clearly demonstrate how to correctly implement an email newsletter in social networks.

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